Please be patient! I know what you have been thinking since my return to the UK, 'I can't wait to see what Kev did in LA!' You have probably been checking up on the site at least twice a day, just a quick glance here and there after you had saved me into your 'favourites'. You've probably experienced the little flutter of excitement when you think something might have been added and then the genuine disappointment when you have realised I have kept you waiting. Well, the wait is nearly over. I will be updating the site as much as possible over the next week to fill you in on all that happened so now you can settle in and search frantically to see if I give you a mention.

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Introduction to Part 2 - gotme2thegalaxy

Welcome to the second half of my adventure. This section of the site will fill you in on all the details of what happened when I actually arrived in LA to the moment I got home and realised that nobody is interested in what I have got to say anymore. In fact, chances are, I am the only person reading this so, Future Kev, this one's for you to remind you of what you did you forgetful b*stard.

My trip to LA has to be one of the experiences of a lifetime, ranking alongside the delight I felt the very first time I encountered an 'all you can eat' buffet. Both life-changing experiences. I cannot begin to thank all the incredible people I met during my visit, I was truly humbled by their support, generosity, and the way they welcomed me into their lives. I won't go too much into what the experience taught me as this will be covered over the next few pages but suffice to say it would convince even the hardest cynic that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. (except maybe become fit and good at football in the space of 3 weeks...)

To those of you who have followed my story so far, I hope that the second half of my tale lives up to expectations. To those of you who have only just found my quest, where the hell have you been? Don't you know who I am? Still, may I congratulate you on finally finding me, I am sure that you have all had a deep sense of something 'missing' from your lives until now. No doubt you will have studied the background of my quest in depth via the 'getme2' section of the site and already started to draft me into your current thesis on the 'Wonderous achievements of the Modern Man'. Please remember to include references accordingly using the Harvard referencing system and, although tempting, try to refrain from simply copying large paragraphs of my writing and passing it off as your own. It will save you embarrassment with your tutors who will instantly recognise that such literary expertise could only be provided by one man.

I do apologise that you will notice there is more writing than in the first section. This is because simply doing a stupid picture would not give certain events justice. I am not stupid enough to think that the majority of people will see all the text and think, 'sod that for a packet of biscuits' and simply look for the links to videos or pictures. But for those of you who do take the time to read through the 'blog' then I send you my sincere thanks for giving your time. Not only will you get a better sense of the overall story but you can also take personal pride in the fact that you are probably cleverer than everybody else.

Finally, all that remains to say is thanks, you know what I mean.

Choose your day via the following links:

Wednesday 7th February - The Eediot has landed

Thursday 8th - Rancho Cucamonga & Kev becomes a man

Friday 9th - Snobby Williams

Saturday 10th - The tryout & Lalas meets Kev

Sunday 11th - Kev in Rain

Monday 12th - Disney & Kev rides a swede

Tuesday 13th - Kev who?

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