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An absolutely huge thanks to all those people who contributed in some way to the most amazing journey of my life. I had an incredible time but it wouldn't have been anything without meeting so many cool people along the way. I will need a week or two to update the site to include all the things that happened to me but rest assured, I will be doing my very best to acknowledge all the contributions made by the good people of LA and beyond. I am humbled by your generosity and it was a pleasure meeting you.

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Welcome to 'Get me 2 the Galaxy', the website to launch my bid to travel to the La Galaxy trials in the US and attempt to become part of the same squad as David Beckham in the forthcoming season.

As you may or may not be aware, the LA Galaxy have announced that they are to be holding open 'tryouts' for males aged over 18 to be held on Feb 10th and 11th this year. You have to register your details online with the successful applicants being notified via email on 5th Feb. I read about it yesterday, (18th Jan, 2007) have registered on the LA website and have now set myself the task of getting fit, getting good and getting enough money to get to LA, all in 3 weeks. Am I dumb? You bet! But as I am no longer teaching full-time and I have the blessing of my girlfriend, why not try something new that will get you out of the house? I certainly think 'Why don't you?' would have been proud.

So this website is here to convince you of the reason why I should first of all travel and then secondly be chosen as the 28 year old rookie added to the new LA roster. I am sure that after viewing the video below and reading the various sections of the site that you will understand it is all the signs are pointing to success as me and Becks take America by storm. The video is made using flash so if you can't see it then get the flash player at adobe.com. Altenatively download the windows media version to your computer via the link.

Download: Get me to the Galaxy Video.wmv

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You can let me know what you think by contacting me directly at kev@getme2thegalaxy.co.uk or alternatively leave a message via the forum and maybe even catch me on the getme2thegalaxy chatroom.

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