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So this is it. The final page. I don't know where to begin but I really wanted this last page to be a way of saying thanks to each and every person I met along the way and to everyone who has followed the site. I apologise for taking so long in finishing over the last couple of weeks but I have been trying to earn back some of the money from my trip! Also, I have tried to ensure I have done the trip justice, if I had hastily put up some vids and pics then it wouldn't be telling the whole story. Hopefully, those of you who are reading this now have managed to stick with me and I hope that my work has met your expectations.

The site started out as a way of hyping up my trip to LA before the tryout. I was thinking that I would keep 'in role' for the entire time and when I came back I could make a fictitious account of what happened. However, my trip to LA made me realise that I had to pay back the truly unbelievable reception I received. Therefore, the 'gotme2' section has been (for the main part) as close as possible to what I was feeling during the adventure and I hope has repaid in some small way how grateful I am. There are things I have written in here that I have felt vunerable about saying but, like the trip itself, why not just do it? You'll feel a hell of a lot better person for not hiding. I have always had ideas but never the confidence in myself to see them through and this trip has shown me that, if you put yourself out there and follow your dreams, then anything is possible. The trip was never just about making the Galaxy team, I went with a completely open mind and learnt a hell of a lot about myself and how amazing people can be. The worst thing is that if I would have been on the other side and looking at this website, I am ashamed to say that I probably wouldn't have made any sort of gesture in helping. That is why I really can't find the words to thank the generosity shown to me, you have taught me to be a better man. So if any of you crazy b*stards ever feel like trying out for Exeter then now I am your slave!

I have loved creating this site, every picture, every video. I spent many a night trawling for the perfect photo to enhance a video or a fitting song to add to the soundtrack. In case you were wondering about some of the tracks, here, in no particular order, is a list of them and the videos they were in. Some I have been able to link to mp3s as I have had the artist's permission but most you would have to buy, (or just listen to on my videos!) Enjoy!

Title Artist Where?
National Anthem US Marine Corps Band getme2thegalaxy intro music
I Love LA Randy Newman Kev books flight
Rocky Theme   Stocky Balboa video
Hotel California Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Kev arrives in LA
Fix You Young@heart chorus For Nan video
What you know about game? Kev Payne (yes, me) Kev Payne Academy
Don't Believe the Hype Public Enemy Tryout Day 2
The Entertainer   Tryout Day 2
World in Motion New Order Tryout good bits
Don't get around much anymore The Inkspots Tryout - reality
Heads Carolina, Tails California Jo Dee Messina Matt Smith video
I Predict a Riot Kaiser Chiefs Riot Squad video
Call me Al Paul Simon Lalas meets Kev video
You Make Me Chuy Poluka & the Bar Room Junkies BONUS TRACK!
Nothing New (Video) Freeway People BONUS TRACK!
Crash Alexi Lalas BONUS TRACK!

The bonus tracks are music that I didn't get a chance to use on the site but are by people that I met whilst I was in LA. 'Chuy Poluka' is the band of CK of the Riot Squad and I was thrilled to receive a CD and T-shirt in the post from him. 'You make me' is my absolute favourite track. Listen to it and I'm sure you'll agree it is kickass. They have a myspace page so go view it here. Likewise, 'Freeway People' is the band of my good buddy Georgie Maguire. They recently played the Roxy in LA and should be checked out at their myspace page, here. George himself provides the vocals and they are very cool. We were listening to their CD when I got the call from Mr. Lalas. Although meeting Lalas was cool as, George and I were actually on our way to his studio when he called. Maybe next time we could all go and jam together. Which brings me on to Mr. L. This is the only mp3 I can find on the internet which is a shame as he said I could use any I found. He too has a myspace account, check it here. I made my song, 'What you know about game?' about 4 years ago at home using a computer and an electric guitar. I was pretty pleased with the results except for the screech when I change chords, (too close to the mic) I love music and play the guitar, ukulele and am learning the accordion. I love beautiful music and must big up my favourite band of the moment, 'Horse Feathers' Their album, 'Words are Dead' is amazing.

Anyway, as I said earlier, this page is about me saying thanks to all the people who made my trip so enjoyable. Not only the people I actually met in person but also the people who emailed or left messages on the forum, if nobody had contacted me then I probably wouldn't have done half the stuff I did. So in no particular order, (and in true Hollywood style) I would like to say a huge thanks to the following:

The Riot Squad - you guys were the driving force in me getting the kahoonas to actually make it to LA. Adam Vega - your amazing gesture, the chants and the support. Nines - the best god damn chant ever! LFC "your money's no good here." That line should be in a movie. Haggis - thanks for the police badge, now I can pretend that I am in the LAPD when I go into schools (it makes the kids sit down) Caasi & Chalky - you got to see me play well. Sugar - I'm sorry you got to see me play. Tommy Mack - although we didn't meet, I appreciate all the groundwork you put in prior to my arrival. CK - You make me wanna drink a beer with Chuy Poluka. Twigg - tacos and beer, who could want for more? Owen - thanks for the ride home. Shooter, my fence-jumping, cooler-hating pal, it was a pleasure. I am indebted to you.

Dustin - Mr. G, you were a true star. I am so grateful for all the things you did. Introducing me to the wonders of 'In & Out' burgers, all the rides, coming to the tryouts and taking me to Disneyland. Thank you so much. Art, Binh & Sera - you were so welcoming and I feel lucky to have met you. You are all great guys with so much wisdom for such a young age (Binh & Sera I'm afraid Art!) Good luck with your soccer careers, Sera - have you perfected the 'Kev' turn yet? Art, great song - fingers crossed that something happens with it. I felt privileged to hear it.

Georgie - my agent. It was amazing. Thanks so much for everything you did for me, the rides, actually getting in touch in the first place when your friends thought I would steal your kidneys and, of course, the filming. Without you, my site would only have told half the story. It felt like we'd known each other ages. I'm so glad that we got to share the Lalas experience, maybe next time we can return the favour and buy him a hot dog at the HDC. Best wishes to you and Annie for your upcoming marriage. Matt - dude, you nailed it. You got to the last 30. I am just so glad I was there to witness your achievements. How cool to be on the same team. How cool to link up the play. How cool to meet you. You were my happy ending. Good luck with the Hammerheads. Say hi to Lyndsey. Fredrik - you have an old head on young shoulders. Being 18 and doing all that you did? You must have balls the size of satellites.

Andrew Giffen from Goal.com, thank you for taking an interest in my site and for putting it out there, the interview we did was my most favourite of the entire trip. I loved it. Ben Evenison - thanks for the article. Josh Peter of Yahoo Sports - It was a great laugh talking to you and I am so grateful that you took the time to really explore the site. Your email was so kind and highlighted things about my quest that I hadn't even thought of myself. Sumi Das of CNN - Thanks for such a cool interview, if you ever make it back to Devon then I will take you on the Topsham 10. Craig Sculz of Comcast - Thanks for a brilliant final interview and for getting the clip to me, that was above and beyond. The guy who interviewed me after I didn't make the cut - sorry for scaring the bageebas out of you.

Gary Gomez - thank you for making me feel like part of the furniture. I am so grateful for all your help and hospitality during my trip. You made me feel like so welcome and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. To all of the LA Galaxy staff - you make a truly incredible club even better with your help, generosity and good humour. I feel privileged to have seen a tiny glimpse of the hard work you put in and I am very grateful for the opportunity. To the guy who kept chanting my name as he drove past on the buggy, that was the best welcome I have ever received! Mr. Lalas - awesome. Who would ever have thought it? Kevin Payne going to dinner with Alexi Lalas. I'm just glad I could make your dreams come true. It was a real honour to meet you, Sir, and I hope our paths may cross again some day. To all of the LA Galaxy coaching staff (even Frank) - Thank you for such an awesome opportunity. Thanks for giving up your time to say hi and thanks for allowing me to film on the pitch. Frank Yallop - I forgive you.

Mum & Dad - thanks for believing in me and giving me the chance to live the dream. My gorgeous girl, Nikki - Thank you so much for giving me your unwavering support, I missed you and loved you and wanted to make you proud. Thank you for letting me be on the computer at all hours of the day and gritting your teeth quietly as I spend an hour making a stupid pciture of me as a woman at 3am. Sid - you bought me a hot dog. Mo - you bought me a cab ride to Robbie Williams. (and a hot dog) Petey Danyana - you bought me jack - but I still loves ya.

To all the staff at the Quality Inn, Carson, the members of staff at Boston's Bar in Rancho, the helpful bus lady on my first trip to Union Station, the puzzled guy at the gas station when George and I were looking for Playa Del Rey, Stephen Gee, Catherine Elsworthy, my crazy cab driver on my trip to Beverly Hills, Mr. Taylor - thanks for allwing me to visit your school The kids at Bear Gulch Elementary School, the U10 girls of the Rancho Cucamonga Flames. To Yoda, Chewie, Tigger, Darth and Shrek. To Albert, Soca, Amanda, Jessie, Amy, Mrs. Twigg, Sami, and everybody who left a message on the forum, emailed me or even looked at this site...

Thank you.

As a tribute to all the above and anyone else who has been involved in anyway, this final video is for you. Watch it here.


So I guess that's it. I have been busy teaching since I got back, hence the reason why it has taken so long to update and finish the site, but I have got a few plans that I am trying to get off the ground. One is my website design work. If you have the time, please visit my site www.andonart.co.uk to find out about how I am trying to make a living. The other side I am trying to build up is my education resources for teachers. I love making flash games and making learning fun and am currently working on a whole range of ideas including teaching French though football. I have started a site at www.footballfrenchclub.co.uk that I really would love to do more of. I had a meeting with Plymouth Argyle a little while back about working with them but as yet it hasn't come to anything. I guess that would be my ideal job, teaching kids, using computers and using football as the theme. I am holding on to some lingering hope that some of this might be of use to the LA Galaxy and that I could still 'getme2thegalaxy' in some way. I will be writing to Mr. Lalas and seeing what he makes of it all. I do know that they have started up a reading scheme through the club so it looks like they may be heading that way. Could you imagine if I did still make it?!

That's the sensible, work-related side to my future plans...

Now onto more of the dumb stuff! I absolutely loved LA and, after such an awesome experience, have thought how cool it would be to have my own TV show about soccer in America. Rather than just being a bland, normal show, I would love to have fun and go all over the US meeting different teams and pulling stunts. With Beckham arriving in July, I I think it would be hilarious to be the Beckham alternative and mirror exactly how he setlles into life in the US. I do have plans for the different segments of the show but don't want to give them away here I'm afraid. Still, I would be interested to see what you guys think. Do you think there would be the market for a kind of off-beat show about the new emerging sport?

The name of the show came from an interview I did for Goal.com. I made up the answer but then started thinking how awesome it would actually be to have a show called, 'Payne in the ASS - American Soccer Show' So, I have set up the site (asspayne.com) have drawn up ideas for the show and now need some way of pitching it. That's where I have no idea. So if you know of any way that 'Payne in the ASS' could get off the ground then please just let me know! If you visit the site you will see that there is only the following picture there at the mo - still, I think it's a cool one!

I may have totally lost it thinking that this has any chance of coming to fruition but then I never expected I would be sitting here writing about all the stuff that happened to me in LA. It's like a great song says, 'If you never try, you'll never know'

So this really is the end. I really do welcome your comments about the site and I'm particularly interested to see what you think of the new idea - I do value what you have to say.

Finally, all that remains to say is thank you once again, if you have made it here to the end of my quest then I am so grateful for having you on board. Remember this is not goodbye, I was born an idiot and you will see me again sometime...


Over and Out.






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