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Wednesday, 7th February

Welcome to LA! I left Exeter at 4am this morning and arrived in LA at 3pm. Add 8 hours for the time difference, another 5 to try and adjust, carry the one and basically I have been awake for 23 hours. The picture below reveals how good I looked as I touched down in LA. Nice.

Anyway, the flight was great, had a few people looking at the England crest on my suit and asking what I did to earn the opportunity to wear it. I am finding it harder to explain as I go on, it just sounds more ludicrous without being able to show the website. When I got the shuttle from the airport to the hotel, some guy told me he wanted to tryout too. I told him I will organise it for him next year. He seemed to believe me. It is amazing how many people are impressed by a sticker, I was welcomed through customs when others were stopped and attendants assumed I was business class when I boarded the plane. I wished I was. I didn't realise I was walking past first class first and thought we would all have ample leg-room so it came as a shock when I was prized into my seat like a battery hen.

When I arrived at the hotel the shuttle driver seemed annoyed with me for some reason, I think it was probably because I didn't realise I was supposed to tip him. I got out my bag from the back and he was just kind of waiting, I assumed to organise my pick-up time. So I handed him my voucher and he said, "This is to get you here to the hotel. You need the other voucher." So I told him to wait a sec as I had it in my bag. No sooner had I put my bag down on the floor and crouched down to find the right voucher, I see him sprint, not walk, sprint round the van, jump in the driver's seat and screech off before my brain could take it all in. In fact, I can reveal the exact process my brain went through. "Oh, he's going round to the driver's side....probably going to wait til I have found the voucher or get a card for me to fill in...is that the engine he's started?...why is he doing...yes that's definitely the...you b*stard." If he had of waited around I would have given him his tip, 'Don't be so f*cking rude.'

So at the moment, I have no idea how I am going to get back to the airport on Monday. Also, I have no computer so emailing / contacting anyone is a no go. There is nohing quite like a well organised trip is there? Like most of my teaching / studying / preparation for anything in life, I will just wing it tomorrow.

Below is a link to a video with pictures from my hotel and footage of me looking rough and talking about the above whilst using the word. 'er...' far too often.





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