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Tuesday, 13th February

Waking this morning I had the weird, inbetween feeling of being used to seeing my hotel room. It was very strange to take it in that I was home again in Crediton, a town the size of Robbie William's back garden. Still, at least I was now back with my girl, Nikki.

Walking around my house, it already seemed a whole lifetime since I was in LA and as if it never really happened. Luckily, however, I had become such a media whore that I could now amuse myself by looking through the different websites, papers and interviews that I had gotten into. Every interview I did I kind of made up on the spot so I had no idea what I said in any of them. I really enjoyed playing with the press and being able to pretty much say whatever I wanted, I found that the more controversial or blatant I was, the more they liked. So instead of saying I was hoping to get onto the team I was telling journalists how Beckham was going to be kept sitting on the bench again and that I had already chosen my place in the locker room. I had free reign. I didn't care that they were trying to make me look like an idiot as I made such claims, that was the whole point. So here below are all the links to the sights and sounds I have found mentioning my quest. My favourite has to be the one where they start off talking about my site and then get sidelined comparing their penis size to a bar of chocolate. Hilarious. See it here.

Below I have tried to categorise some links:


The Telegraph / Eastern Evening News / Express & Echo / Western Morning News (pic) (article)/


Goal.com / Big Soccer / Riot Squad / LA Soccer News / Yahoo / Evenison / The Offside / Gazeta.pl (polish) if anyone can translate please!


CNN / Your Morning / ThisisExeter /

I also have to say a huge thanks to Jay Williams, the photographer who took some photos for the Telegraph. He very kindly sent me a CD of some of the shots he took and so a couple are shown below. Please visit his website www.jaywilliams.co.uk even if it is just to see the picture he took of Liz Hurley. (I think it must have been cold that day.)

All of these links I could devote a whole page about as there is a lot behind each one but I will save it for another time, except to point out the fact that in the CNN video they put up the caption 'Alexi Lawless' when the big guy is on! I couldn't have written a better script myself. If you were involved in any way then I thank you.

You have probably noticed that during my site I have been preoccupied with people 'getting' me but I now realise that that was part of the enjoyable thing about my quest, that many people weren't sure whether to believe me or not. Therefore, I guess I should be really happy for the messages I have received from people telling me I was never going to be good enough to make the team and that I sucked, I can just laugh that they have no sense of humour.

One guy in particular was classic. I had a message left in the forum referring to my moan about the tryout time being changed. The message read as follows:

SOur grapes , had the game been played at 9 10 11 or 8 at night , you wouldnt have made it.The way galaxy contructed the tryouts was a farce , they should have put teams through rather than individuals , then you can see where the talent lies.

You may have noticed that during the entire life of the site, I never posted in the forum myself but I felt angry about this one and knew I had to say something. I would have emailed, but like others who left a negative, this dude left an imaginary email address like the wimpy b*stard he is. His message annoyed me because he obviously hadn't seen the whole site, picked out the bit he wanted to hear and then went on it, so now it was time to whoop it to him. A few things he did made me realise that I had the upper hand and that I would try and put him in his place.

Firstly, he made the typo error 'SOur grapes'. Immediately I felt more intelligent than he. If you are up for an argument, do not leave something as sloppy as that open to ridicule. Secondly, he obviously fancies himself as a footballer as although he didn't leave a real email address, he did put a tag about himself as 'Shawnaldinho' of 'google vids'. Wrong move. Anyone who calls themself 'Shawnaldinho' and seriously uses it, is a twat. Simple. I don't have a problem with making up your own name and I guess 'Shawaldinho' would have been funny if he was rubbish (oh the irony) but I looked at his videos and he is actually very skillful. The fact that he is skillful and calls himself 'Shawnaldinho' therefore makes him arrogant. Thirdly, the second part of his message left a very obvious gap. He calls me out for sour grapes and then complains about the way the tryout was organised....surely he wasn't at the tryout too?! I read it again, and it really sounded to me that he had an issue with the fact that he didn't get through. Brilliant. I now had everything covered to write my reply. I tried to keep it brief and to the point but I will say that I took it easy on him. I'm not about bashing people as I think everyone should be able to do their own thing but this dude had insulted me for something he had done himself, now that was wrong. So here is my reply:

Topic: bravo

Comments: Did you read what I had written properly:

quote: I'm not saying that I was ever going to be good enough to make it for the Galaxy (I was closed down a lot quicker than yesterday which I wasn't prepared for) but I just kind of wish I had gotten to play when we were supposed to as I felt 'up' for it then.

There you go. I know I was never going to make it, I was way out of my depth, but I just think I would have enjoyed the game more if I hadn't had to wait around for 4 hours. Sour grapes 'cause I reckon I could have been picked? I don't even have to offer a response, if you've followed the rest of the story then you'll know. Did you go to the tryouts by any chance?

'The way galaxy contructed the tryouts was a farce' Pot. Kettle. Black.

Before long I received the following reply, complete with real email address and weak attempt to backtrack.

Yes i was as it happens.Im from the UK too ,  i was wearing a Glasgow Celtic top.I was on just before you as i saw you wondering around with the press.I didnt mean to direct that at you asif your quality wasnt upto standard , it was more out of anger with Galaxy , alot of people paid alot of money to go to their poxy trials , and i cannot believe they had the cheek to have subs - subs at a tryout which i payed $130 for. every player hung onto the ball for far too long.It was a joke and a good way to make a bit of money towards becks wages and maybe even get a player from it free of charge.

What a difference a day makes. Is this the same guy? Still, I think calling the tryouts 'poxy' is disrespectful for such an amazing opportunity. Anyway, I don't want to dwell too much on this as it was only a minor blip in the whole adventure, I just thought it would be fun to share and let people make up their own minds. If he's reading this now he will probably feel hard done by and if others agree then I apologise. Maybe I was just in a bad mood. Still, do take a look at his google vids as he does have skills, just a shame reading isn't one of them.

Well, one more day to go and then I'm out of here. I don't really want the quest to end but as you will see, I have another idea in the making...

Oh, and I'm having sweet and SOur for tea tonight...






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